Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 31. 7/8. Santa Cruz!

Left hotel by 8:30.
Pedaled over the hill to Dennys for breakfast.
Decided to stay on the highway up through the Devils slide area, instead of searching for the old San Pedro mountain road aka Planet of the Apes.
They're working on a tunnel project at the Devils slide. They brought a portable concrete factory up the side of the mountain.
Up and down up and down, coastal sprawl.
Some big estates on the high points. We saw a forest fire from one of the hilltops.
Lunch at San Gregorio beach park.
The weather was great all day. It was pretty flat after Pigeon point and the tailwind kicked up. Bicycle is a great way to travel when the land, sun, and wind are all in your favor. We made our best distance by far on this the last day. We had thought about camping around Pigeon point but we got there before 2 pm and decided to go for Santa Cruz.
We also set a downhill/downwind speed record of 48.5 mph.
We got to Santa Cruz with enough time to stop for dinner before the final 12 miles up hill to Chris' place.

76 miles.
Trip total 1021 miles.

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