Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 29. 7/6. Marin Headlands Hostel

In the morning at S.P. Taylor we called about camping at the Marin headlands, Kirby cove and Bicentennial. These were full but there was room at the hostel.
Stopped at a little store to eat a BELT sandwich. and get groceries.
Stopped at the Fairfax library until 3:30 to update blog.
Flat and prosperous through San Anselmo, Larkspur, Sausalito.
Stopped at a couple of bike shops looking for Chris' friend Ronna.
Steep hill up over the headland to the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, downhill to old Fort Baker.
Arduous climb up and around the headland on Conzelman Road. Evidently there was a tunnel route through the headland that we didn't know about, so we ended up taking the high road. That was okay though, as we got a great view of the bridge, clearly lit by the evening sun, just perfect.
I thought the hostel might be up high as well but no, we went down and down again, meaning we'd have to go up and up to get back out. At one point I said, this was a mistake, we should've gotten a hotel room in Sausalito. But when we finally got there it was really cool. The hostel was in a hundred year old building in old Fort Barry. It used to be the infirmary. This was about the best lodging of our whole trip. We were glad not to be camping out in the mist after all.
31 miles.

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