Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 23. 6/30. MacKerricher State Park.

Day 23.  Tuesday June 30, 2009.

Got up early to beat the heat.
Hung out w/fellow cyclists at the Peg House.
Big hill.  not much traffic.  Long and steep.  Nice day.
Downhill.  cool.  fog.  Yellow signs - wilderness unlimited members only (?)
Hot again on 2nd big hill.  Cold again on downhill.
Rockport abandoned school, town.
Downhill cool and foresty to coast.
Coast:  cold, foggy, narrow, windy, steep, traffic.  Sucked.
Water stop at Westport campground.
New bridge @ 10 mile river.  Tsunami bait.
Cleone.  MacKerricher campground.  Showers out of order.  Sucks.
Wacky drifters, late night campfire bull session.
43 miles.

43 miles.
hills:  two large, numerous small.

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