Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camping note

We've been saving a lot of money by camping in the hiker/biker areas in state parks. In Oregon it was $4 per person, in CA $3 but the showers are coin op 50c for 5 minutes.

We've become sort of connoiseurs of the camp shower. The most common mistake is not enough hooks or places to put anything. Private campgrounds are more unpredictable - wierd quasi locker room setups with not enough privacy. Muddy floors another common sitch. Only KOA had that figured out with mats with large openings for water and dirt to drain thru.

Day 21. 6/28. Richardson Grove State Park

Day 21.  Sunday June 28, 2009.

got up 7:55.  camping b/f.
stopped for snacks in Myers Flat, atm at Miranda.
Redway, stopped at market.
stopped at riverbank.
Garberville.  Sandwiches to go.
Benbow road, gravel section, extra bridge
Richardson Grove s.p.
Hot all day.
33 miles.

It was so hot.  We saw locals swimming in the Eel River, which the road follows.  We stopped so Chris could soak his head.

33 miles. A real change in the weather. It was hot. Sunny and hot. Since Eureka we've been moving inland, having skipped the lost coast alternate route. Out on the coast it was rarely above 65.

We set a new speed record today coming downhill into the Benbow exit. 44 mph. Probably our fastest mile. It met all the conditions for a bombable hill - relatively straight, wide shoulder, smooth and free of gravel and other debris, in addition to the 7 pct downgrade. I usually keep some brake on until I can see the runout situation at the bottom.

Day 20. 6/27. Burlington cpgd. Humboldt redwoods, Weott

Day 20.  Saturday June 27, 2009.

KOA b/f sandwiches.
Chris installed new rack - much better, stiffer.
G - 2nd day of numb foot/back problem.
KOA internet down.
Humboldt City Library in Eureka
Lunch at Has Beans.  Victorian houses.
Industrial wasteland, gravel path.
Pedaled on 101, Tompkins Hill road
Loleta.  Trippy.  Cheese shop, abandoned factory, slouching teens.
G - flat tire after Scotia
Hwy 254, avenue of the giants :)
Lots of cyclists at the Burlington Cpgd, Humboldt redwoods s.p.
57 miles.

We gotta take issue with adventure cycling's route through the industrial wasteland, swamp, and parking lot behind the mall.  Shady dealings in progress.

Burlington campground in the redwoods.

There's a huge abandoned factory for sale in Loleta!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 19. 6/26. Arcata/Eureka

Day 19. Friday, June 26, 2009.

camping breakfast.  dried things out in the sun.
cleaned our chains, left ~ 10.
stopped at market in Orick.  story about cheese thief.
uphill to lagoons (Stone and Big)
Stopped after Big lagoon to eat bananas, more uphill
Almost missed patrick's point turnoff.
G - readjusted seat.
Eventually scenic, many motels into Trinidad and beyond.
Ate burgers at Cafe.  Wierd scene & vibe, jamaican
one lane, hammond beach trail, gravel.
farm country, bike bridge, triathlon lady
Arcata - Humboldt State U.
Met Day Smith at the Outdoor store
Bought new rack for C and brake pads for G.
Pedaled to KOA.
Ice cream, laundry.
49 miles.

Day 18. 6/25. Redwood National Park

Day 18. Thursday June 25, 2009.
b/f at fish restaurant across from Super 8.
Misplaced the cytomax
Climbed big hill.  Passed by young cyclists.
Passed by another odd couple - upright & recumbent bikes.
Nice redwoods
Downhill.  chatted with Jeep lady @ turnout.
Bought hot dogs right before Klamath.
Up hill into another redwood park.
Big Tree.  Downhill very pleasant.
Camped at Prairie Creek, where we were advised to make use of the large metal bear box to store food and lotions.  C - "good night, don't let the black bears bite."
Watched ranger's powerpoint show about Tsunamis.
Chris' rear rack broke.

35 miles.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random thought

Did everyone in the country buy a brand new Dodge 3500 crew cab last year? Oink.

Day 17. 6/24. Crescent City

Day 17.  Wednesday June 24, 2009.

left harris beach ~ 9:15
Library, no internet
Bike shop - the escape hatch - presta gauge, rock'n'roll chain lube
Crossed bridge down to boardwalk to Salty Dog coffee bar, for wifi.
Blogged, left ~ 3:15
Pedaled thru farm country.  Smith River, Fort Dick.
Little ups and downs.
Foggy approaching Crescent city, took the scenic route around on Pebble Beach road.
Turned back S. of town and stayed at the Super 8.
40 miles.