Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 30. 7/7. Sea Breeze Inn at Rockaway Beach

We made breakfast in the kitchen at the hostel, and did laundry.
The weather had turned cold and cloudy again.
Stopped by the Marin Headlands visitor center. Liked it.
Pedaled up and down through the tunnel on Bunker road.
It was very crowded on the sidewalk crossing the Golden Gate bridge, even though it was a weekday, windy and overcast.
On the south end we stopped for a snack, then got lost in the Presidio for a while. At this point we're off the edge of our adventure cycling map and navigating on our own.
We decided to take 15th ave south to the Golden Gate Park, then go west through the park back out to the coast. Stopped for lunch at the Bagel shop.
There was a very long uphill into Daly City, followed by a big downhill, which I took too fast. Daly was funny-looking. Evidently a bedroom community of SF, but very high density low-rise housing up this headland. It looked like a mountain of dice.
We had originally thought to get to Half Moon Bay but getting over the bridge and through the city was stressful and took a long time, and it was cold, cloudy, and windy, so we bailed and stayed at the Sea Breeze hotel in Pacifica/Rockaway Beach. But not before backtracking over the hill from Linda Mar. We had dinner at Nick's, the pricey restaurant next to the motel, with sixties lounge decor that was kind of cool. Chris passed out at like 8:30 while I stayed up to sort photos.
31 miles.

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