Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 22. 6/29. Standish-Hickey State Park.

Day 22.  Monday June 29, 2009.

Left early to beat the heat 7:45.  cold b/f.
Picked up bread and espresso at the One Log House
cool & sunny.  up and down.
Construction zone.  flat tire on trailer.
Camped at Standish Hickey, patched tube, adjusted brakes.
Lunch & dinner @ Peg House grill.

Standish Hickey had a swimming hole in the Eel River, which was great because it was 98 degrees.

Chris' second Glacier Bay tent from Fred Meyer also suffered pole failure after about 5 uses.  Here he is splinting it with tent stakes, duct tape, and ratchet strap webbing.

The Peg House grill across from the campground was using a parachute as an awning over their patio.

18 miles.  Short day to rest before the big hill tomorrow.

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